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Air Amplifier

Air Amplifier



High power

By attracting the ambient air, a large amount of air that is 20 times more than the input air can be obtained and the noise level is low, leading to improved work efficiency.

Energy saving and low cost

Since the propulsion force (pressure) and air amount can be adjusted on the scale, air consumption can be suppressed to the minimum necessary.

Comparison of air blow and air saver with copper pipe

  Inlet pressure Air consumption Flow velocity noise
Copper pipe nozzle 4φ x 100L 0.4MPa 390L / min 18m / sec 94dB
Air saver BS scale 12 0.4MPa 227L / min 15m / sec 72dB

• Flow velocity measurement point: 400 mm from the tip of the nozzle, 30.6 mm from the center
• Noise measurement point: 1 meter from the tip of the nozzle


Since no sliding parts are used, there is no need to worry about breakdowns.

Small and lightweight

Made of aluminum, small and lightweight. Easy to install. (Manufacturing with special materials is also possible)


          E03 air_saver



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